Connecting to the 4 elements and going forward with PEACE

Please prepare yourself as you would before entering a meditative state.  A lighted candle is required for this meditation as we will be connecting to the element of fire to take us to connecting with the other three elements.  

There are a WIDE ARRAY of LIGHT CODES embedded in this meditation that will assist humanity in attuning to the frequencies of Peace to carry us FORWARD and THROUGH this present situation here on Earth

Sitting quietly in front of your candle and with your eyes closed,  take four deep breaths, fully, in through your nose so as to feel the air all the way into the very tip of your lungs, exhale, fully, so you have no air left in your lungs, do this in a relaxed state, focused solely on your breath, return to normal breathing, sit in this way, breathing normally for a few minutes.  After a few minutes open your eyes and look directly into the MIDDLE of the flame of your lighted candle, raise your RIGHT hand and with your THREE middle fingers, TAP gently on your chest and say out loud or to yourself "tap tap tap."  Now you are tapping on your chest and repeating "tap tap tap" while looking into the middle of the flame; continue tapping on your chest and say:  

"please connect me to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in a BALANCED STATE so that I may do MY part in propelling myself and the rest of humanity into PEACE."

After saying this, close your eyes, cease tapping and let your body/mind/soul/being MERGE with PEACE.  How long you stay in this state is up to the individual.


The following is a very powerful clearing meditation, please prepare as you would for any clearing meditation.  If you have frankincense you can use it for this, if not that's okay, you can still do the meditation.  If you have the oil, rub in on your wrists, in the hollows under your ears, and in the hollow between the tip of your nose and between your eyebrows.  Breathe deeply of the essence of the oil as you bring both wrists to your nose, often, as you prepare.  

Please feel free to share.

When the video starts (on the RWTMHS facebook page) look to the horizon and keep your focus there for a few moments until you see light on the surface of the water (the Sun).  Follow the light that you are noticing on the surface, inward, toward you (toward the shore).  Keep your eyes focused on the light and follow it all the way to the shore.  Take some deep breaths as you go and watch the video to the end, with your intention being to bring the light to the shore (toward you).


Spiritual Light Transmission

On Saturday November 28, 2020, at noon Nova Scotia time you will have the opportunity to participate in assisting Earth Mother to receive and disburse across her surface and to all parts of the earth,  energies from a stream  of light from the heavenly realms, touching all.  Please prepare as you would for any other meditation:

You will need a circular bowl filled with water; your bowl needs to be  big enough so your right hand fits the surface of the water, palm down.   Find a quiet space indoors or outdoors with your bowl of water on the floor or the earth.  Prior to noon set your intention to connect with the energies that will be entering the water in your bowl from the beam of light coming into the earth's atmosphere. At noon place your hand on the surface of the water, making contact and hold the intention of connection to the energies from the beam of light that have now made contact with the water in your bowl.   Visualize the energies in the water spiraling outward in a circular motion across the whole surface of the earth, blessing all.