Humanity is in a '9' year; a dismantling of corrupt systems that have been allowed to fester and foment behind the scenes of the public eye.   It took a 'crisis', in the guise of covid 19, to bring the festering and fomenting corruption into the light.  People everywhere are being shown the corruption and are rising to the challenge of fighting it.  There are many ways you can bring your own awareness into focus with the light of truth during these very trying times.  Here at the sanctuary we are always open to helping you rise to the next level and move forward on the road to freedom. 


Teach them who they are, first

May 22/21

The story of the stone

in honor of all Vikings everywhere

The Viking Stone

Waiting for the right person to tell the story.


April 23, 2021

Perfection is not necessary, willingness is

~ Jeshua 

Archangel Sandalphon

 by thine own hand

Sitting in meditation this morning and contemplating the importance of making my own medicines I heard, "thy will be done by thine own hand."  As I went deeper into the meditation Archangel Sandalphon made his appearance; I have not experienced a taller presence in all my connections.  He had come by my own desire to teach others how to make their own medicines and during the time we connected he went about doing just that, in the warm Summer breezes of Master Pine.  Archangel Sandalphon assured me of his presence as I teach others how to make their own healing medicines.  My experience of Archangel Sandalphon as a teacher was one of genuine helpfulness and an incredibly assured teacher.  I look forward to working with him and you to help you make your own medicines and the joy, freedom, independence, security, and wellbeing that comes along with it.  "It is imperative at this time in the evolution of humankind that we take onto ourselves the responsibility of sourcing, preparing, and experimenting with our own divine essence, the medicines made by none other than your own hands; would you charge others who are not of your own essence to guarantee the outcome of your own health?" - Archangel Sandalphon

(March 5/21)

Archangel Raziel

Sitting w​ith  primordial pine this evening in meditation and connecting with Archangel Raziel I questioned the present Dalai Lama's lineage with Buddhism; Archangel Raziel was quick to answer "Not one is better than the other!"  (referring to religions/faiths/spiritual beliefs and connections to the spirit world). "Something is better than nothing and there are SO many that have no awareness of their connection at all!  Because of this there is no genuine joy, hope, resilience, faith, the list goes on.  Something is better than nothing."    (March 4/21).

My organic experiment

March 4/21

Coming from a lineage of homesteaders, it seemed only natural that when the time came, that I would too, start my homesteading journey.  Mine started in the middle of the forest ('the woods' we call it around here) and we had to clear the trees to make a place for our house; we rolled the limbed trees down and away from the spot where we would have our house and gardens and we began.  That was in 1989, and I am still homesteading here in the middle of the woods.  During this period I raised a family; we swam in nearby rivers, hiked into the forest, picked wild berries, rode our bikes back trails through the woods and during this time, I grew a garden.  We were noticing something about the food we were eating, it didn't satisfy us, we were not nourished, or content, after getting up from the table eating, what we thought at the time, was a good meal, but an hour after that 'good meal' we were hungry again.  I decided to challenge myself; feed my family for 4 months as entirely from my garden as I could.  As we began that Summer many years ago eating almost entirely from our garden, we noticed something; we were content after finishing our meals, in fact, so content, many times we could not finish what was on our plates.  We had more energy than we thought possible and never got hungry between meals, and even though we were always busy caring for our small farm and family and our appetites never failed us, we still could not finish our meals.  As our Summer drew to a close and too the fresh food from our garden, I came to the conclusion that the food we were eating was so much more nutritionally dense that it did not take near as much to feed us, and it stayed with us until the next meal.  We had energy to burn that Summer and we were more content with the way it held and how it made us feel.  I challenge you to give it a try.  

Giving thanks to the Sun

March 4/21

Have you ever thanked the Sun?  Oh sure, we've all been grateful for the sun; how it warms us, the energy it gives us, the feeling it gives us on an early Spring morning with it coming up over the horizon energizing us for the day, the incredible spectacle of it disappearing down over the horizon on a late Summer evening, the nurture it gives to our gardens in the Summer as the plants burst with fruit under the guidance of the sunshine, the way it warms the sand under our feet on a Summer beach,  the way it warms the lakes and rivers and streams and oceans to go swimming in, the way it entices the early Spring fish with the thawing of the ice, with the melting of the Winter snow under the rays of the sunshine, new life appears, the way the warm rays make us feel in the Spring as we throw off the lethargy of the Wintertime, but have you ever directly thanked it?  Well I have, just this morning, when I realized that I hadn't ever.  I hope you do too.

Links in the chain of responsibility

(feb., 7/21)

Without strong links there is no support and chances of reaching your goal are minimal.  Each link must be well designed and made of good material; how far you go depends on how many well made links you have to work with.  How long it takes to make your chain depends on the quality and availability of material; the length of your chain depends on the time spent working on it; one thing is certain- you cannot climb without it being well made.  The quality of each link depends on the maker, and each link takes on the qualities of the maker; integrity, honesty, patience, reliability, independence, thoroughness, intelligence, organization, research, and, each quality requires a commitment, resulting in, responsibility. 

Finding denial


Denial; it is imperative we find you, as when we do, we will, without a doubt, find truth.  As with any journey, we must prepare, and there are many steps.  Each step will require faith, and that in itself, is a step.  Each step will require learning about that step, and that step itself will hold many teachings.  Each step will require overcoming fear, for that step, and the next one.  Each step will require perseverance and strength, two worthy allies to get to know, well, for the next steps.  Some steps will require working toward forgiveness, as that step, enables the freedom to take the next step.  Each step will require patience, as there is a lot to learn, and, truth is waiting, patiently.  We hope you can find the courage to take the first step.

Light in the Darkness


Like never before, light workers are being called to unite to shine brightly, collectively.

I am inspired today by current world events:



Hello Faith, 

Thank you patient, true blue friend.  You walk knowingly and steadfastly beside me in all weather, yet when the winds blow, I forget you are there.  Although I cannot see you with my earthly eyes, I know when you are present and sometimes I forget that is the only place my awareness can be.  When I feel you with me help me to remember that the forces that I cannot see are greater than those I can, and when I am weary and worn from battle, help me to remember, rest, is not defeat, and that a patient and true blue friend is standing by.

Every now and then I am inspired with what's going on in the world and the words flow; today I am inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.:



When adversity knocks on your door, do not run and hide.  Let it in.  Sit down with it and see what it has to say.  Chances are, it will not be what you have to say; the reason it has been named so, is for this very reason.  Speak anyway.  Adversity's notes will be different than yours and it will question you, and you it.  Adversity has not been told not to be fearful, so you must not.  Adversity has not been told to be rational, but you must be.  Adversity has not been shown how to be peaceful so you must lead the way.

Sometimes artwork comes to me through the trees; the one on the left is called Current Affairs, the one on the right King Tut, and the one in the middle The Prince of Peace.


January 17/21

Take comfort with the trees

When yee are weary and worn from battle, take comfort with the trees.

January 5, 2021


Tree energy helps you to 'go direct' and experience the energy for YOURSELF.  It is direct experience with the entity you may be seeking.  It does not rely on teachings from texts, services, groups, drawings, images, depictions, etc., therefore, resulting in the freedom to experience the energies that resonate uniquely to you.  If you are seeking direct experience, tree energy is for you.  Just like the one you've come to know as Buddha, who found what he was looking for in the company of the trees, so too can you find what you are looking for, here, in the company of the energy of the trees.

December 22, 2020

Listen for the 'ringing of the bell' as a sign that the Great Earth Ship is coming through the fog into the Light of a Brand New Day.

Guidance from The Trees to make medicines (posted April 29/20)

Pictured here is varying stages of 5-pointed Star Energy imbued Red Oake medicine (tincture) from the Trees that I was guided to start preparing in February 2020 (the trees this bark came from were cut on February 5, 2019).  You can get your very own personal guidance from the trees to make a wide array of medicines from our Earth Mother. 

Messages for May 1, 2020

"Engage yourselves in activities that speak of FREEDOM."

- Council of Light

"The energy coming down is Off-the-charts!"

- The Trees

"Now is a good time to make your very own Declaration of Independence."

-The Trees

Message for May 6, 2020

On Monday May 4, 2020, 5-pointed Star energy from the Eastern Galaxy came down through Great White Pine "into Gaia's heart center."  During the transmission of energy through the medicine, it was revealed that this energy would spiral outward upon the Earth and expose many; that It would further illuminate cracks/breaks in corrupt institutions here on Earth, freeing her people, bringing peace.

November  18,  2020

The  Fallen  are  nourishment  for  the regeneration  of  others.

Message from the Mayflowers, November 27/20

Late bloomers still WANT to bloom 

(seeing these late bloomers this late in the season may indicate a January start to the Winter season and an end at the end of March). 

November 28/20

Earth Mother is set to give her third and final push toward freedom.

The energies spilling over onto Earth Mother

(November 29/20)

Citizens of the Earth - in the near future the earth will experience a great raising of her vibration.  This is needed as humanity prepares for its third and final push forward toward freedom.  Experiences will vary; deep emotional and physical disturbances may be felt as our vibrations rise along with those of the earth.  This is necessary to facilitate the truth that must rise to the surface (time-wise the next six weeks).  Take very good care of yourselves, especially during this time, and drink lots of water on a daily basis.  It's time to bring the power back to the people.