Suggestions to‚Äč prepare for meditating/connecting

If you are new to the world of meditating and connecting to the trees, listed are some suggestions that will help make the most of your experience.  As always, these suggestions are offered in the spirit of helpfulness but go with YOUR OWN intuition first, as that is your own guiding light.  Those well versed in meditating/connecting it goes without saying that you already have your own guidance.

- prepare your connection space.  This space could be a room inside, a table with a candle, crystals, or your favorite herbs, plants, flowers, etc., a tree that you've cleared of unnecessary debris, any space and configuration that brings you peace and joy.

- If a connection is going on outdoors, you can light a candle indoors as well.

- smudging with a purifying herb such as sage, tree like palo santo, or rubbing pulse points with lavender, frankincense, etc.,

- Whatever puts you in a space of joy and peace goes.

- As always, drink plenty of water for a few days after a meditation/connection

- Abstaining from alcohol and recreation substances 24-48 hours minimum before meditating/connecting