Why the trees?

Like our homes, trees have an electrical system, complete with their own grounding rod.  Compared with that of the metal grounding rod connected to the electrical panel in your house, the lower part and roots of a tree go deep into the earth supporting the tree (the metal grounding rod in the earth outside your house  supports the electrical system in your house).  Instead of burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, we can tap into the trees and into an energy that ALREADY exists!  Much like the wiring in  your homes, Sharon uses the tree as a conduit to bring 5-pointed Star energy from the upper realms down into the tree, and, as your homes have outlets to plug into to access electricity, trees have outlets, which can be tapped into with your hands; the trees are amazing conduits for this type of energy!

What can it do for me?

As this energy passes through you to our Earth it will bless all your cells, increasing their vibratory field.  This means better health, good feelings, more joy, more aliveness, more deeply inspired; it has the potential to get us and our earth 'unstuck' and moving forward to a bright and prosperous future.

Can anyone do this?

Yes, anyone can do this as the trees calibrate the energy coming through them based on your unique contact with the trees.