Rainbow Warrior Tree Medicine

Healing Sanctuary

"everything with an energy vibration speaks its own language"

                                                                ~the trees

Welcome to the Sanctuary!

Where the trees invite you to "come as you are!"  

The sanctuary is a secured crystal grid, situated on a triangular piece of land located in the Oak Hills of Nova Scotia, Canada, between two rivers, one to the West and one to the East.  It is home to an organic garden to the South, and a vision for a Lodge to the North; many varieties of animals, birds, bees, etc., enjoy the organic nature of the sanctuary.  It is home to a chakra healing vortex at it's centre and a healing/connection space.

‚ÄčSharon Millett

Sharon Millett is an energy healer; she uses energy from the trees, (a very comforting, loving, soothing energy), to heal mind, body, and soul.  

The story behind the Medicine

Sharon had a very profound and powerful spiritual experience; in 2015, while walking to her garden, a path, not noticed by her before, lead her into a part of the forest new to her.  During that walk she encountered what would become known to her as 'the tree of the holy trinity' and her tree-given name 'walks among the trees.'   As she walked along the path, she was abruptly stopped by the presence of an enormous towering oak, and as she stood there in the powerful energy of this tree surveying it's three huge top branches she noticed a breach in it's bark, the only hole in it's otherwise perfect outer layer.  As she stood there, unable to take her eyes off the striking beauty of this tree, she heard,"plug into  it."  As she looked down at the spirit stick she was carrying and wondering what the message meant, she realized she was to "plug" into the tree with her spirit stick and as she did she received three incredibly electrifyingly powerful charges, imbuing her from that moment on with what would become known to her as Rainbow Warrior Tree Medicine.  There would be many messages after this experience that would confirm that this medicine was "to help others."

The story behind the Sanctuary

On a  bright, gloriously sunny June afternoon in 2003, an 'occurrence' happened that would transform Sharon and what is now known as the 'healing sanctuary.'   As she entered a room directly up from what is now the 'healing/connection space' she was consumed by what she describes as "a tidal wave of rainbow-colored energy" as she reached for a book, but was 'stopped' by the sheer magnitude of energy that was being emitted, and travelling at lightening speed toward her.  This 'energy wave' left Sharon with abilities she was not previously aware of, enabling her to help others in the areas of mind, body, and soul healing.